Collection: HDF Vikki Clayton-Dyer Silks

Hand Dyed Fibers by Victoria Clayton-Dyer

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From Vikki about her Hand Dyed Fibers:

All silk comes in grade, and grades are determined by the percentage of longer silk fibers that are used to spin the thread. The higher percentage of long fibers, the higher the grade of silk. Ours is the highest grade, and while it’s a great bragging point, it matters to you as a stitcher. These longer fibers in the base product make this floss super long wearing and very shiny.

Besides using the highest grade floss, we also use the highest quality archival quality silk dyes. Their colorfastness is tested at 140° instead of the standard 96°. And while usually you aren’t washing your stitching in hot water, the colorfast rating will indirectly impact your lightfast rating, or the amount of time that it takes for your dyed product to fade. Win win!

100% silk floss, hand dyed by Vikki. The solid colors are matched to the DMC colors (8.7 yards of six stranded silk on one mirco (bobbin) and Variegated Silk Floss are converted colors from various companies' hand-dyed cottons (5 yards of six stranded silk on one micro (bobbin).