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28 Count Tin Roof Gingham Weeks Dye Works

28 Count Tin Roof Gingham Weeks Dye Works

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28 Count Tin Roof Gingham by Weeks Dye Works.

Weeks Dye Works hand dyed, 100% linen fabric is colorfast and perfect for cross-stitch and embroidery projects.


Weeks Dye Works Gingham linen is wider than standard base so sizing available is listed below.

The size and fabric count of each cut is measured prior to dying.  Some shrinkage could occur during the dyeing process.

This linen is available in the following sizes:

16" x 18" (Over Size Fat Eighth)

18" x 32" (Over Size Fat Quarter)

32" x 36" (Over Size Fat Half Yard)

Our linen comes to you with overlocked edges and labelled, ready to start your next project. 

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