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36 Count Baby Galah French Laundree

36 Count Baby Galah French Laundree

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36 Count Baby Galah by French Laundree.

Imagine the softest palest pink tinged with grey of a downy baby Galah! 

Closest to DMC 842/950.

100% linen. Hand dyed linen by Libbie @French Laundree. 


French Laundree are hand dyed linens on a Zweigart base. 

As this is a hand dyed product, please expect colour variations in intensity and subtle mottling. Our linen is NOT guaranteed colourfast and may fade if washed. Some shrinkage could occur during the dyeing process.

This linen is available in the following sizes:

Fat Eighth 13" x 18"

Fat Quarter 18" x 27"

Fat Half Yard 27" x 36"

Our linen comes to you with overlocked edges and labelled, ready to start your next project. 

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