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36 Count Dust Bunny Fox and Rabbit

36 Count Dust Bunny Fox and Rabbit

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36 Count Dust Bunny Fox and Rabbit.

As this is a hand dyed linen, we will fulfil orders in the order of placement. This is still in high demand and there may be a shipping delay. 

All items placed in the one order will ship/post together.

Available exclusively through The STITCHERS Merchant. Released at TSM Autumn Stitch Camp in May 2023.

100% linen. Hand dyed linen by Fox and Rabbit Designs.


All Fox and Rabbit fabrics are dyed on a Zweigart base unless otherwise noted.

Due to the nature of the hand dying process and the structure of fabric counts, the color displayed on the item is a representation of the color dyed on 36 count linen.  The color could be lighter or darker depending upon the base linen and the weather during the dying process.

Whilst we do our best, we cannot guarantee colorfastness of any hand dyed fabric.  If you wash your fabric, some inert dye might be released.

The size and fabric count of each cut is measured prior to dying.  Some shrinkage could occur during the dyeing process.

This linen is available in the following sizes:

Fat Eighth 13" x 18"

Fat Quarter 18" x 27"

Fat Half Yard 27" x 36"

Full Yard 55" x 36" 

Our linen can be overlocked by request, please contact me if you would like it overlocked, ready to start your next project. 

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