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Sajou Censy Embroidery Scissors

Sajou Censy Embroidery Scissors

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Small nickel-plated scissors. They are pointed and are even strong enough for cutting your nails. Their name is Censy.

Length of scissors: 9cm.

Sajou ribbon on one of the handles, the colour may vary. They are presented in a foldable cardboard case. The motif can vary depending on our stock. Delicately remove the label on the back and it is reusable.

Maison Sajou is famous for the quality and variety of the scissors we offer. Whether it be embroidery scissors from the Sajou Collection, re-editions of vintage scissors, dressmaking scissors or professional scissors, all the models offered by Maison Sajou are made in France. Our scissors are beautiful objects which are designed to be used: the quality of the steel, the attention taken during each process of fabrication and careful polishing of their blades make them tools you will keep all your life.

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