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Heartstring Samplery - The HF 1837 Sampler

Heartstring Samplery - The HF 1837 Sampler

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Heartstring Samplery - The HF 1837 Sampler 

From Beth: Without a full name, I was unable to locate the original stitcher of this sampler, but there are some bits of information that can be gleaned from some of the motifs. In particular, the interesting monograms on the upper left of the wreath. The IHS with the cross over it represents Jesus, the three letters being taken from the Greek word for his name. This arrangement is part of the Jesuit emblem and Redemptorist coat of arms, but also used elsewhere by Catholic and Protestant denominations alike. The IXXR represents Mary, but is a more rare depiction, as her name is usually shown as the monogram IXXI. The addition of the letter R appears to represent the word “Regina” for Queen. The Lobster made me think of Maine and Cape Cod in the United States, but this motif has been found on samplers around the world; I found references to Lobsters on samplers from Denmark, Austria, and Germany, as well as the United States and England. 

Model Fabric: 40ct Vintage Fawn linen by Lakeside Linens

Threads: Needlepoint Silk Inc123, 187, 203, 205, 243, 251, 292, 294, 471, 565, 843, 851, 901, 902, 921, 928, 952 with DMC conversion

Stitch Count:  227 x 298

Approx. Sizes: -

Includes: Counted Cross Stitch Pattern/s with Materials List & Instructions

*Due to Copyright Restrictions Patterns are Not Returnable.

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