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Shakespeare's Peddler - Sarah Chapple 1831

Shakespeare's Peddler - Sarah Chapple 1831

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Shakespeare's Peddler - Sarah Chapple 1831

From Theresa: Sarah Chapple stitched her original sampler in 1831 -- I purchased this sampler online in 2012, and I LOVE it. Cherry red, olive greens, and that U-shaped border around the verse! SWOON!

The verse:

And is it so that to life's journey's end

God still will prove my Father and my Friend

To all my weakness still will bend his ear,

And my most feeble accents deign to hear?

Sweet truth _ the fading flower that blooms today.

May ere to_morrows dawn, have pass'd away.

The grass may wither, and the flower may fade,

Our brightest hopes be wrapp'd in deepest shade,

"But God's own word for ever shall endure,"

It stands to all eternity secure.


Model Fabric: 40ct 18 Century Rook linen by R&R Reproductions. 

Threads: Au Ver Soie, Needlepoint Silks with a DMC conversion. 

Stitch Count: 301 w x 407 h

Approx. Sizes: 15" x 20 1/4"

Year: 2013

Includes: Counted Cross Stitch Pattern/s with Materials List & Instructions

*Due to Copyright Restrictions Patterns are Not Returnable.

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